Thursday, 6 October 2011

Liverpool Link good for boaters and walkers (6/10/11)

Today the transition trustees (of which I'm one) of the new charity being established to tend 2,000 miles of canals and rivers in England and Wales from next April have announced that it will be called the Canal & River Trust (or Glandwr Cymru in Wales).

One of those canals it'll be responsible for is the Leeds-Liverpool canal, and on Tuesday evening I went on a walk along the new Liverpool canal link, which has been built to take boats from the previous end of the canal through a new section running right in front of the so-called Three Graces, two of which are the Cunard and Liver Buildings, into the historic Liverpool docks (including the Albert Dock). The centre of Liverpool has changed so much for the better over the past decade - partly because of the European Year of Culture which it hosted recently. This new link is one of the projects which was completed in time for that, and has really helped to transform the area - for those in the boats, and those along the waterside.

It's become a really good place to walk. Walking the tow-paths of the Leeds-Liverpool canal has always been hugely popular. People love to walk along the side of water. But now it's possible to follow the canal right through this iconic stretch of Liverpool waterfront. British Waterways currently manage it, but it will transfer to the Canal and River Trust next April, along with the walkway along the side of the Mersey for about four kilometres from that point.

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Huffler/Jola/Charlotte said...

I suppose thats a start - to walk along a nice new link with none, or very few, problems. Try walking along and looking at other parts of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. I will be very surprised if we have such a canal in 10 years time which boats can use. BW have let the maintainence drop to such a level that some of the locks are actually dangerous. Fields Staircase near Leeds and Dowley locks come instantly to mind.