Friday, 10 December 2010

Over 570 path successes. Thanks to thousands of volunteers (10/12)

Between October 2009 and September 2010, Ramblers volunteers
unblocked, saved, or succeeded in getting recorded over 570 paths.

They break down into these four categories:

• 256 paths cleared through practical path work.
• 50 paths added to the definitive map.
• 29 paths saved from damaging diversion, extinguishment, gating or
planning application.
• 239 paths reopened through Ramblers surveys and problem reports
leading to council action.

The three Ramblers areas that have achieved the most successes are:

• North East Lancashire have cleared 71 paths through reporting them
to the highway authority.
• Ramblers groups in South and East Cheshire have achieved 62 path
successes on behalf of the Ramblers.
• The North Wales Area have through DMMO claims, path clearance work
and reporting problems to the highway authority, achieved 56 successes.

Some of these successes will have been achieved relatively quickly.
Others will have been achieved after years of work.

Not all Ramblers Areas have been reporting their successes so the
total number of successes is likely to be even higher. By knowing
about successes, we can publicise them for campaigning, fundraising
and membership recruitment.

Next year is European Year of the Volunteer. Every single one of
those path successes is due to the work of Ramblers volunteers.

To see the full breakdown of path successes by Area, follow this link
to the volunteer section of the Ramblers website:

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