Saturday, 16 July 2011

Arrgh!! I'm missing the Cornwall footpath opening! (16/7/11)

Best laid plans, and all that. I'm meant to be arriving in Newquay around now, to help open Footpath No 8 in St Ervan, which has been blocked for decades, and is now clear thanks to a collaboration between Cornwall Ramblers, the county council and landowners.

Instead, I'm at Gatwick Airport having missed the plane. I arrived here nice and early to then discover I'd left my photo ID at home - so had a mad dash in a cab to home and back, only to get here as the plane was leaving. How silly do I feel! (It's probably a hint that I ought to have taken the train rather than fly.)

Anyway, what am I missing? A circular walk with Cornwall Ramblers group REACT (Ramblers' Environmental Action Clearance Team) along Footpath No 8 in St Ervans - unobstructed for the first time in decades. There'll also be the Ramblers first honorary junior member, nine year old Teggen, an enthusiastic walker and dedicated member of REACT.

Cornwall Ramblers formed REACT in January this year after fearing that cuts to Cornwall Council's footpath maintenance budget would mean access to rights of way in Cornwall would be neglected. Made up of dedicated volunteers and Ramblers across Cornwall, they set to work on Footpath No 8, clearing years of growth to reveal the full stretch of the footpath. After months of hacking, cutting and clearing, installing steps and a bridge, working with Cornwall Council and the landowners, the path has been cleared, unblocked, restored and is ready for all of Cornwall and its visitors to enjoy.

Congratulations to Graham Ronan and your team of Cornwall Ramblers. I'm sorry to be missing today. Ramblers Campaigns Officer Anastasia French DID remember her ID and made the plane, so she'll be doing the honours at the opening ceremony this lunchtime.

Tom Franklin
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Emma said...

I would have thought avoiding travel by plane (especially within Britain!) would be part of the ethos of the Ramblers? (I am a member and it's a genuine question/point).

Tom's Blog said...

I do take train train for the vast majority of work trips, Emma. This'll teach me a lesson!

Emma said...

Thanks for responding. I know there's the whole 'time is money' issue...but it's something I feel quite strongly about, and it's good if charities related to the environment can give a lead. Anyway, keep up the good work!