Friday, 17 June 2011

Ramblers 999 campaign shows the value in reporting incidents (16/6/11)

The Ramblers 999 campaign is calling on all ambulance trusts to have adequate software and training in place to be able to interpret grid references from walkers' distress calls.

This gaping hole in 999 emergency provision came to light because of incident reports from Ramblers groups.

Walking is inherently safe. With more than 30,000 Ramblers led walks each year, incidents are thankfully few and far between. But when incidents do happen, it's important that they are reported using the forms on our website (see below).

Thanks to Ramblers walk leaders reporting incidents and including details of problems with the 999 service - which they might have thought were one-offs - we've been able to spot that it's a widespread problem, and take action.

It's another example of how the Ramblers takes the safety of walkers seriously.

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